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Experience... is the best rule to walk by. --George Washington to John Parke Curtis, West Point, August 24, 1779

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Tennessee Catches the Spirit and Declares George Washington Education Day

Tennessee caught the spirit and declared December 17, 2002, George Washington Education Day throughout the state. West Elementary School in Mount Juliet hosted the event where educators from the Smithsonian presented the state of Tennessee with a framed reproduction of the original “Lansdowne” portrait of George Washington. The day was celebrated with tricorn hats, knee-high stockings, and a red, white, and blue-flocked Christmas tree. Costumed students presented a living timeline that debunked common myths about the founding father, including the myth that Washington wore wooden teeth. (Actually his teeth were made from human teeth, cow’s teeth, and ivory.) Other students read their winning essays on Washington and even reenacted Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware. Nevada and South Carolina held similar celebrations.

Although the 205-year-old portrait will visit only eight states, the National Portrait Gallery is distributing free educational materials to all 50 states and abroad. “The goal of this education initiative is to reignite the memory of George Washington as an American hero,” said NPG education director Carol Wyrick. “He is a patriot and role model for generations of Americans. The greatest legacy he left us was his selfless service to his fellow man. We’re asking all Americans to follow his example and serve both country and community.”


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