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Experience... is the best rule to walk by. --George Washington to John Parke Curtis, West Point, August 24, 1779

Tile Game
The Portrait Puzzler
CROSS-ing the Delaware
Where's George?
* SPRING 2003, Seattle
* WINTER 2003, Los Angeles
* FALL 2002, Las Vegas
* WINTER 2002, Promotional

The Patriot Papers
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CROSS-ing the Delaware. Test your knowledge of George Washington's life and times in this crossword puzzle. All answers can be found in this edition of The Patriot Papers.
The Portrait Puzzler.Solve each clue and then connect it to the famous face featured in these portraits from the collection of the National Portrait Gallery.
Where's George? A close examination of this word find puzzle will take you closer to Washington, his family, and his friends. Can you find all 13 words?
Tile Game.Unscramble the tiles to reveal a message. Need help? All answers are contained in the stories of this edition of The Patriot Papers.


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