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Experience... is the best rule to walk by. --George Washington to John Parke Curtis, West Point, August 24, 1779


Teacher Guide

This Teacher Resource Guide is designed for incorporation into history and social studies curricula. It will introduce your students to some of the events and issues that shaped George Washington’s life. The activities should enhance your students’ knowledge of Washington and expand their horizons about this complex and interesting man.

Each activity includes suggested objectives, procedures, related standards in historical thinking, worksheets, and other supplemental materials. The lessons meet United States History Standards for either Era 2, Colonization and Settlement, or Era 3, Revolution and the New Nation. The complete United States History Standards can be found at Please note that in the primary source material, the spelling has been retained from the eighteenth century in most cases. We hope these materials will enrich your students’ study of George Washington and provide them with a deeper appreciation for his role in American history.

The FREE education kit, which included the 19 1/4" x 31" full-color museum quality poster reproduction of the “Lansdowne” portrait is no longer available. The complete Teacher's guide is available online. Simply click on the lesson links to the left or download a print-friendly PDF version. The PDF version requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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