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The Patriot Papers
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Teenage Republicans Get Political in Las Vegas

Every weekend the Teenage Republicans of Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada hit the campaign trail. An afilliate of the National Teenage Republicans, the chapter encourages others to get involved in the political process. Led by adviser Regan Mitchell, a teacher of both United States and World History, they promote the Kids Voting campaign, now active in 38 states, by registering both student and adult voters. “We're especially busy now because it’s an election year,” said Ms. Regan. “The kids actively campaign every weekend supporting candidates in assembly races all the way up through Congress. Many of these kids are interested in pursuing politics; this gives them an inside view.” The group also organized and led a flag retirement ceremony honoring those lost in the September 11th tragedy. Keep up the good work Green Valley—maybe your political journey will lead you to Washington.


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