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* SPRING 2003, Seattle
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The Patriot Papers
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Americans Pause to Remember, Students Make a Wish for the Country

One year after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Americans have paused to remember and reflect. The Wall of Expression that surrounds the Old Patent Building in Washington, D.C., still stands as a memorial to those who sacrificed, a tribute to those who served, and an expression of hope for the future. And across the country in Las Vegas, students place their wishes for America on the “Wishing Tree.”

“I wish that everyone would be happy.” “I wish that the Twin Towers would never have fallen.” “I wish there would be no poor people and everyone would have enough to eat.” “I wish everyone in the world would be free like us.” “I wish that no one would be dead.” “I wish Americans would feel safe.” The wishes keep coming. And from even the youngest participants, we sense a deep concern for the nation and its people. Perhaps we have all begun to care for one another.


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