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Editor’s Choice: The Patriot Papers Salutes the "Kids Who Care" in Las Vegas

They "Pledged It Forward" and Found Friends, Both New and Old

Fourteen fourth and fifth graders from Jacobson Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada, wrote a grant that enabled them to bridge the generation gap and “adopt a grandparent.” Once the grant was approved, the group grew to 44, and they adopted the entire Silver Ridge Healthcare Center. “They love it when we come to visit them, and we love to see their smiles,” remarked student Taylor Stasik. Under the direction of Gifted and Talented Specialist Barbara Kern, the students crafted colorful vases and flowers to brighten the room of each resident. And in celebration of Flag Day and the Fourth of July, the kids stitched 144 patriotic pillows decorated on both sides with the American flag, and presented them to their new “adopted grandparents.” “We were so excited,” said Tommy Niyomkoun. “When the day came, we were giving letters and pillows to everyone.” And when the whole school became involved, kids from kindergarten to fifth grade made 500 placemats for Silver Ridge. “It was fun to go to visit people who didn't have much family in Las Vegas,” said Vivian Estrada. Josh Ceschi agreed, “Some of the people hadn’t seen a visitor for quite awhile. To have such a great impact just by visiting was amazing.”

“I’m so proud of my kids and how they have extended themselves into our community and into our country,” said teacher Barbara Kern. “We celebrate their caring.” Student Michael Wray was more philosophical: “It was a unique experience. It taught me that being old is not a bad thing or a good thing. It’s a stage of life, and you can't avoid it.” True, Michael. But life is much nicer for the residents of Silver Ridge, who now have a whole new generation of friends.

Kudos to Kern’s Kids,
Felice Pulles, Editor-in-Chief


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